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Travel With Your Newborn, From Packing Light To Insuring Right

Travel with your newborn, from packing light to insuring right

The good news is that with TildaTravel’s tips, you can continue to travel safely and you’ll find it’s even more fun as a family.

There’s nothing more exciting than the anticipation of a new baby joining your family, but wow do those little creatures make for big, big changes. If this is your first child no doubt you are wondering how life will continue once baby arrives, and which treasured parts of your pre bub life are about to disappear.

Use your words

Yep, this rule isn’t just for kids, it’s for mummy and daddy too. Communicate with your airline, your accommodation provider, your car rental firm, tell everyone and anyone you can think of that you are bringing your baby. Call the airline and check their rules, some will let you travel with your baby from two days old, but not all. Make a special request for the bassinet if you are flying long haul. There’s often priority access for families at security and boarding points in airports, don’t be shy, let the little human gain you VIP privileges while they can. Ask the car hire company to make sure that not only is a baby seat available, they’ll have it installed for you when you arrive. Let your hotel or rented accomodation know that baby is coming and you will be surprised at how many have extra items on hand to make baby welcome and your life easier.

Babies really don’t need that much

You’ve spent the last six months shopping for the new baby and receiving daily gifts from family and friends but the truth is that babies, especially little ones, love to travel light. Your carry on must haves should include nappies, wipes, clothes, baby’s beloved blanket and favourite comforting toy, dummy and spare dummy, zip lock bags, nappy bags, a changing sheet and disinfectant wipes. Depending on how baby is feeding, choose to bring formula and bottles and back to use your words the cabin crew will if asked happily warm formula or baby food for you. Remember that feeding is a great way to manage take off and landing to keep baby calm and ears pain free. You might think you need a stroller but carrying your baby close to your body requires less paraphernalia and give you both more snuggles – win!

Play it safe

Don’t forget that babies need passports too and normal applications in Australia take around three weeks. If you have the full consent of both parents this can be expedited to two days, check the DFAT website for details. If you are travelling internationally speak to your GP well in advance and make smart decisions about the vaccinations your child needs. Research medical arrangements at your destination and any stopover points, make sure you know the local emergency telephone number and where to find medical assistance. Of course, be fully insured. With TildaTravel we throw the kids in for free; choose from Essential, Select or Prime cover to match your needs and budget. With everything taken care of relax, enjoy and have fun, making magical moments for lifelong memories.

Benefits are subject to the terms and conditions (including the limits, sub-limits and exclusions) of the insurance policy. Tilda Pty Ltd (Formally known as Thomas Cook Money Australia Pty Ltd) ABN 92 620 276 735 (“Tilda Travel”) acts as authorised representative No. 1261651 of the insurer Agile Underwriting Service Pty Limited (ABN 48 607 908 243, AFSL 483374 (“Agile”). Any advice provided is general only and may not be right for you. To decide if the insurance is right for you please carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (which includes the terms and conditions of cover) and Financial Services Guide.

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