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Travel Insurance, What’s It For?

Travel insurance, what’s it for?

When most people think about travel insurance they think about the obvious costs associated with medical care overseas. Everyone has heard stories of huge bills from minor illnesses and, worse still, people whose lives have been radically altered by the enormous debt incurred covering medical repatriation fees, which in extreme circumstances can run to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

With TildaTravel travel insurance all levels of coverage include unlimited overseas medical expenses and for the very worst of possibilities, overseas medical expenses. 

While we think about the risks of injury to ourselves, few people consider the costs of an accident which causes an injury or death to someone else; all TildaTravel policies cover you for $1 million while Prime gives you $2 million coverage for legal liabilities. And as well as covering you for general medical expenses, all of TildaTravel’s policies cover minor overseas dental work. No-one wants holiday snap smiles spoiled by aching teeth!

In reality, the chances of a catastrophic event are relatively low. However, inconvenience, minor problems and cancellations are far more common. Family holidays can be an expensive affair and, without insurance, if you need to cancel, both the money and the holiday are gone. TildaTravel’s Select and Prime policies both cover you for cancellation.

When you are in unfamiliar circumstances it’s more likely that you may lose valuable items, or even be targeted for theft. TildaTravel’s Select and Prime policies cover precious tech items like cameras, laptops and phones as well as jewellery, glasses and sunglasses. Unfortunately, if you lose or have items stolen it’s very likely that your travel documents will also disappear. Urgently replacing the documents you need to carry on with your journey can incur heavy fees. 

Great policies like TildaTravel’s Prime try to cover you for every eventuality including the cost of delays, airfares to resume travel, return airfares, the cost of alternative travel costs for special events and even loss of income.

While no-one wants to think the worst when planning the adventure of family holidays, being prepared means that in the unlikely event that something less than ideal does befall you on your trip, you’ll be ready to deal with it with the very best help onhand.

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