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She’s Arrived! Meet Our Newborn Baby TildaTravel

She’s arrived! Meet our newborn baby TildaTravel

We are so proud of our new arrival and delighted for you to meet her. TildaTravel is a newborn Australian company, providing families like yours with an easy, safe and fun way to book all your travel and travel money needs. TildaTravel are the family travel experts.

What will TildaTravel do for you and your family?

Like every new baby, TildaTravel will quickly grow. We’ll be adding family friendly travel services throughout 2019 and soon we’ll offer accommodation, flight and cruise options to create a world first one-stop-shop. Make sure you subscribe to TildaTravel’s family list to be the first to hear about new partners, promotions and special offers.

In 2020, TildaTravel’s unique family friendly services will develop to include lots of things you’ll love! Think wearable technology linked to your prepaid travel money card. Give your kids wristbands loaded with cash so that they can buy their own ice creams! Slightly dangerous we know, but the good news is you’re in control of the fund limit… until they ask for more!

How did we choose our baby brand’s name?

TildaTravel was named for Matilda, the smart, travel-loving six year old daughter of Mark Tarring, CEO and founder of the brand. Our Tilda’s eye view of travel puts our precious kids first. Our question is always, “would that make Tilda happy?”. If you’re planning a family trip, you get it.

With modern families are at our heart. TildaTravel understands that holidays include extended family like grandparents, brothers, sisters and a kaleidoscope of step family connections and pets!  Nobody misses out with TildaTravel.

“Holidaying with a six year old is truly magical from the anticipation of “how many sleeps left?” to the pure joy of arriving at your destination and exploring with a huge sense of wonder and excitement. My daughter Tilda inspired me to create a family friendly travel and travel money business where booking holidays and organising holiday money and insurance is always easy.”.

Mark Tarring, CEO, TildaTravel (former CEO Thomas Cook Money Australia)

The work family behind TildaTravel

The TildaTravel team are based in Hobart, Australia, one of Australia’s loveliest family holiday destinations. Team Tilda have a real passion for families and travel.

The TildaTravel team were previously behind Thomas Cook Money Australia. We gained great knowledge and experience working for the historic 178 year old travel brand pioneer. With our new baby TildaTravel we are bringing that expertise with a family focused high tech twist.

What happens if you have an existing Thomas Cook Australia travel insurance policy?

Thomas Cook Australia travel insurance policies will be honoured by TildaTravel. You can find out more information about TildaTravel travel insurance here.

If you need to make an emergency claim, you can call +61 2 8016 9220 from anywhere in the world and reverse the call charges.

You can also visit our claims portal to submit your claim. Make sure you have the relevant documents ready including your policy number, receipts and medical records.

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