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3 Travel Apps To Use With Your Free Tilda Travel SIM!

3 travel apps to use with your free Tilda Travel SIM!

With TildaTravel’s free SIM card and reasonable data usage fees there’s no fear of data shock and the horror of unexpected (and often enormous) data bills. Now that you can relax about the cost, here are our three favourite family friendly apps to use on the move.

Your tripping if you don’t Tripit

Trippit is universally lauded by travel bloggers. It’s an essential travel app that organises all of your travel arrangements in one convenient and easy to use location. Tripit mines your emails and captures everything from airline itineraries to hotel confirmations and car hire bookings. For a small fee the ad-free version also provides flight updates as well as details on your loyalty rewards programmes.

It’s not just about convenience. Tripit also has a security function allowing you to upload copies of important documents such as identity cards and passports.

Get chatty with Google translate

Want to be fluent in the language of the country you are visiting? Google translate may be the answer. This travel app has two way instant speech translations in 32 languages! Best of all it can “read” foreign script through your phone’s camera. Even if you travelling in a country without roman script, it’s Google to the rescue!

Touchnote touches hearts

This travel app is adored by young and old and brings so much joy to families, even those members who are not on the holiday with you. The app is cross between instagram and a postcard mailing app. Touchnote allows you to put your own image onto one side of a postcard and your message and recipient’s address on the reverse. You can save addresses in an address book to save frequent retyping.

The postcard prints and mails in the destination country meaning that it arrives much more quickly than conventional mail. Granny might not have made this trip but there is no reason she can’t get a picture from the kids, of the kids, every day. She can really feel part of the fun.

TildaTravel’s free SIM card allows you to stay online for as little as $7.99USD a day.

The free travel SIM Offer is available until 15 April for TildaTravel customers aged over 18 years with an Australian postal address. Limit of 1 SIM per person. Fee and charges apply to use the SIM, please download the app for further details on packages and rates. We reserve the right to vary the offer at any time. The SIM will be posted within 3 business days of request. Postage time will vary depending on a customer’s location.

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