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Travel Insurance In Australia, No Hassle Just Happy

Travel insurance in Australia, no hassle just happy

Every family has funny and not so funny stories about holidays gone wrong. In any family holiday it’s predictable that problems, small or large will happen. With domestic travel insurance they become part of the tale, instead of a disaster. TildaTravel shows you how to make your next Australian getaway hassle free.

Despite living in a country which is in fact a whole continent, we Australians relate to domestic travel as popping next door. Often we are covering several thousand kilometers, multiple time zones and and braving wild terrain!

Travel on a budget

When you are on a budget, and let’s face it who with a family isn’t on a budget, it’s easy to look at travel insurance as an unnecessary extra. It seems an added expense included by travel companies to increase their revenue and your costs. Tailor good insurance to your needs. It is low cost and can save both your pocket and your family’s experience of a happy holiday.

When good trips go bad

Flight delays are not just annoying. With the extended family in tow they become expensive. You’ll be buying airport meals and in the case of severe delays, paying high rates for last minute accommodation. When weather closes an airport you and your family can only wait for the fog to lift, the winds to ease or the electrical storm to pass. While it’s frustrating when precious hours of fun times are eking away, there are real tears if the family misses special occasions.

Arriving at your destination to discover that your luggage is missing is the stuff of nightmares. Mums and dads scramble to purchase everything needed until the bags, hopefully, arrive.

Turn that frown upside down!

It’s easy to change your story from horror to hero with mum and dad as the stars. If flights are cancelled out of Sydney and you can’t get to the wedding will you leave the bridesmaid sobbing at the airport? Not for long with Tilda Travel Insurance! Book a car rental and share the drive down the Hume highway*.

Landed in Cairns but your luggage hasn’t? What a great chance to hit the shops! A new summer wardrobe for the teenagers and a reef’s worth of rashies for the little ones*. Knowing that TildaTravel has your back makes that shopping fun!

Onshore travel insurance

With TildaTravel domestic insurance, pay from as low as four dollars per adult per day, and they throw the kids in for free if they are under 19 and not working . If and when something does go wrong, you could save a fortune. When you look back at the beaming insta snaps you’ll only remember the magical memories.

By law, all Tilda Travel insurance policies are not permitted to cover medical expenses incurred within Australia. Australian residents are entitled to sickness and injury care under medicare or your private insurance.

* Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.  Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for further details. 

Benefits are subject to the terms and conditions (including the limits, sub-limits and exclusions) of the insurance policy. Tilda Pty Ltd (Formally known as Thomas Cook Money Australia Pty Ltd) ABN 92 620 276 735 (“Tilda Travel”) acts as authorised representative No. 1261651 of the insurer Agile Underwriting Service Pty Limited (ABN 48 607 908 243, AFSL 483374 (“Agile”). Any advice provided is general only and may not be right for you. To decide if the insurance is right for you please carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (which includes the terms and conditions of cover) and Financial Services Guide. 

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