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Does Your Travel Insurance Provide Coverage For Cruise Travel?

Does your travel insurance provide coverage for cruise travel?

Cruises continue to gain in popularity, making it paramount that Australians understand exactly how limited their travel insurance coverage may be. It is important that you ask yourself the question: does my travel insurance cover international cruises? Domestic cruises? Every aspect of a cruise? 

It can sometimes be unclear, leaving many Australians unsure about whether they are covered under their ordinary travel insurance, or if they should purchase cruise-specific travel insurance. 

So how big of a risk are you taking, should you not get cruise-covered travel insurance?

Medical costs can become extraordinarily expensive, with hospitalisation costing as much as $5,000 a day. Consultations and treatments are charged at private rates, causing costs to skyrocket. And should you require repatriation to get back home? That can run the costs even further up and into the tens of thousands. 

Cruises offer up a multitude of activities that can increase the risk of needing medical assistance. From scuba diving to rock climbing, you don’t want to run the risk of going cruising uncovered. 

At TildaTravel, Australians are able to gain cruise insurance cover as an optional extra to all three of its Essential, Select and Prime package travel insurance. Customers can claim an unlimited amount in medical treatments and helicopter evacuation/s, up to $2,000 for a cruise delay or missed cruise departure and up to $1,000 for a missed port or a prepaid shore excursion should you miss out due to medical care. They can also claim up to $3,000 for lost, stolen or damaged baggage, up to $500 for lost, stolen or damaged formal attire or a marine rescue diversion, up to $750 for delayed formal attire and $50 a day of up to $1,000 for cabin confinement due to illness or injury. 

TildaTravel’s travel insurance optional extra for cruises reimburses customers in the event of all manner of emergencies from domestic and international ports. With 24/7 emergency assistance, if you’ve been in an accident, become unwell, or need emergency medical attention when travelling overseas, Tilda’s Cruise pack travel insurance ensures that Australians are covered should that emergency that “won’t happen to us” occur. 

As an added bonus, dependent children under 19 years of age are included in its travel insurance package for free. 

According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Australasia, 1.34 million Australians took a cruise in 2017. 28.5 million cruised globally, with Australia’s cruise industry accounting for 5.1 percent, the fourth largest in the world. 

As global cruising figures continue to grow and larger ships are added to address the cruise market’s increasing popularity, CLIA found that one in every 17 Australians took a cruise last year. Comparatively, four percent of the US, three percent of the UK and 2.8 percent of Germany cruised in the same year. 

CLIA forecast that the 28.5 million figure would reach 30 million by this year. 

It is important that the millions of Australians planning to go on a cruise consider that traditional travel insurance may not cover cruise travel. The reality is that Medicare only covers potential health risks if you are travelling between two Australian ports. 

By law, all TildaTravel insurance policies are not permitted to cover medical expenses incurred within Australia. If you become sick or injured while travelling in Australia, you’ll be entitled to cover for treatment under Medicare and / or your private health insurer.

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