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How coronavirus impacts policies

Here is some basic information about how the coronavirus impacts policies.

  • If you bought your policy before 12:00am AEST on 20th January 2020, you may be covered as per the benefits of your specific PDS. We only cover cancellations if the destinations you are travelling to have been assigned a ‘Do Not Travel’ advisory warning by the Australian Government in their website We do not cover cancellation for change or mind or fear.
  • If you bought your policy after 12:00am AEST on 20th January 2020 and before 4:00pm AEST on 31st January 2020, you may be covered for claims directly related to travel delays as a result of quarantines at major airports directly related to the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Please be aware our policies only cover connecting flights where the stopover was originally scheduled on your itinerary for more than 6 hours.
  • If you bought your policy after 4:00pm AEST on 31st January 2020, you will not be covered for claims related to the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). It would be expected the policy was entered into with awareness of the virus and its developments.

If you are looking to buy travel insurance now – your policy will not cover you for the coronavirus – this is due to the fact that as of 20 January, the virus outbreak was widely publicised, and health and travel authorities had advised that travellers take all necessary precautions. Customers purchasing travel insurance post 20 January do so in the knowledge that travel may be impacted by Coronavirus.

Here is a detailed guide on the virus that should answer most of your questions:

A notice for all travel insurance policy holders

Unfortunately we have made the decision to close Tilda Travel. 
For those of you with existing travel insurance policies you are covered under the terms and dates outlined in your policy document. The underwriters, claims and emergency assistance teams are available to respond to your policy.

Options for contacting us

1. Emergency claims
If you need to make an emergency claim, you can call +61 2 6190 0412 (option 1) from anywhere in the world.
2. Making a claim
Go to our travel claims portal to submit your claim.  Click here for the portal.
3. Contacting us
You can get in touch with us at
4. Download the PDS
You can download the Product Disclosure Statement here.
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