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You are eligible for a free Travel SIM card!

Use Your Own Phone/tablet

Use your own phone/tablet

Fits unlocked smart phones and tablets

Save On International Calls, Texts And Data

Save on international calls, texts and data

Data packs from $7.99 USD a day

Tilda has you covered

Calls and texts in 200+ countries and data packages in 125+ countries

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Need help?  We’re always listening

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Frequently asked questions

How do I register my SIM and load credit?

The Global SIM is a prepaid service so it will not operate until the SIM is registered and has credit loaded.

If you have received a promotional voucher, enter the details during registration.

To register your SIM, use the Tilda Travel Global SIM App. To find your serial number, scratch off the grey box on the back of your SIM.

Add credit to your account with your credit card by using the Load Account feature in the App. Also available is the convenient auto-reload option, to automatically reload your account when your balance falls below $5 USD.

Received your Global SIM? Here’s what you need to do

Before using your SIM, there are 5 steps you must complete:

1.Download the Tilda Travel Global SIM App

3.Insert the SIM into your unlocked phone

2.Register your SIM and load account with credit

4.Set up the data connection. (Refer to page 9 on instruction manual below)

Important: whilst you can purchase your data package before your leave Australia, you will need to activate the data package once you have left Australia.

5.You’re now ready to make calls and enjoy data while you travel.  For more information or to learn how to make calls with the Global SIM (Refer to page 12 on instruction)

Tips to avoid data shock

  • Purchase data packs to take advantage of heaps of data.
  • Switch off automatic uploads and updates, including Apps while connected to cellular data. These could include: Uploads to iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Photos etc.

For more tips, please read the following articles:

Reduce Data Usage on iPhone:

Reduce Data Usage on Android:

Where does the Global SIM work?

With your Global SIM you can make international calls and texts in over 200 countries and access data roaming in over 125 countries. Your destination should be covered but please check the rates section in the Global SIM to see if your destination is affected prior to your trip.

Be aware when using free Wi-Fi that it may not be secure

Free Wi-Fi is not always secure! In some cases your data can be captured and your information compromised. We strongly recommend avoiding free Wi-Fi connections unless you are sure it is secure as it can potentially compromise your information.

Tips for making calls and SMS

Always dial or SMS the complete number including the country code e.g. when dialling or sending an SMS to an Australian number you must include the country code +61 and drop the first 0; bear in mind numbers in your contacts list may not include country codes.
[ + ]   [ country code ]  [ phone number ]

E.g. to text or call 0412 345 678 you will need to type +61 412 345 678.

If you would prefer to use your data pack for calls and SMS we recommend you use an app like WhatsApp or Facetime.

Tips for using the call back feature

When using the call back feature to get the best rates, please keep in mind you may experience a delay of 5 – 30 seconds.

Want to know more? For the full instructions, please refer to your instruction manual.

What to do when you return from overseas

When returning home from abroad, users of Android devices will have their Home APN automatically restored once the Home SIM is detected.
Note: You can also confirm the Home SIM APN is installed once SIM is swapped.

When returning home from abroad, users of iOS devices will need to return to the Tilda Travel Global SIM App and follow the prompts to ‘Tap to Deactivate Roaming Data’ to restore data.

This can also be achieved by manually deleting the KnowRoaming profile.
Settings > General > Profiles  > delete the KnowRoaming profile > Restart phone

Question not answered above?

Please contact our 24/7 Support Team powered by KnowRoaming: | +61 284 172 761

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