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TildaTravel Partners With The World’s Leading Travel Companion Brand

TildaTravel partners with the world’s leading travel companion brand

Family travel specialists TildaTravel have today announced a partnership with Medical Travel Companions, the world’s leading provider of a full range of professional travel companion services. 

“When we travel in extended family groups there may often be someone who needs a little help. TildaTravel wants to make sure that everyone can enjoy the fun and our partnership with Medical Travel Companions ensures that no-one gets left behind.”

Mark Tarring, CEO, TildaTravel

Medical Travel Companions provide assistance to passengers including families with young children, people with disabilities, elderly travellers, passengers recovering from injury and surgery, and more. 

The solutions are custom designed to your needs, from door to door assistance for the duration of the holiday, airport transfers or support at the destination. The team includes nannies, nurses and    paramedics and their role can range from a companion to medical responsibilities such as administration of medicine and wound management.

“We take the stress out of travel and transfers with a personalised experience that can take you from your home, through to arriving at the airport gate, checking into your hotel, or stepping aboard your cruise. We can also provide expert staff to stay with you throughout the duration of your holiday, a great option for families or for travelers with special needs that would like the security and independence our support provides.”

Ben Wilson, CEO, Medical Travel Companions

Many Australians are co-parenting after a separation or divorce, with figures showing that around one in five children (around one million) will experience parental separation before reaching the age of 18. Each year around 50,000 children experience their parents separating. TildaTravel is committed to making it easy for these families to continue to holiday together.

“We serve a kaleidoscope of blended families and every holiday we see parents struggling with logistics as they try to safely transport their precious children. They might be going to visit dad and their step siblings or spending the holiday with Granny while their parents work. A companion makes sure that your kid is safe and relaxed as they travel – they’ll even have fun!”

Mark Tarring, CEO, TildaTravel

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