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Family Travel Support Crew, From Nannies To Nurses

Family travel support crew, from nannies to nurses

TildaTravel make your trip as easy, safe and fun as possible with the very best family support crew, from nannies to nurses. The bespoke solutions are custom designed to meet your family’s needs. Need door to door assistance and a carer for the duration of the holiday? No problem. You’d like someone to meet you at the airport transfers and get you home? We’ve got just the right person. You’re looking for a bit of extra support at the destination? We’ll send a local expert. 

“When we travel in extended family groups there may often be someone who needs a little help. TildaTravel wants to make sure that everyone can enjoy the fun and our partnership with Medical Travel Companions ensures that no-one gets left behind.”

Mark Tarring, CEO, TildaTravel

The team includes nannies, nurses and paramedics so we’ve got you covered from an extra pair of hands to help with the kids so that the adults can relax, to experienced travel nannies who travel with unaccompanied minors to make sure their trip is both safe and fun. 

Our medical companions are experienced with a wide variety of disabilities and chronic illnesses, aged care and dementia. They’re calm and unobtrusive, providing essential skills like wound dressing and administration of medications. They’ll also guide you through the processes and procedures involved in your travel, for example helping you to get the best support from your airline. It’s easy when you know how!

“We take the stress out of travel and transfers with a personalised experience that can take you from your home, through to arriving at the airport gate, checking into your hotel, or stepping aboard your cruise. We can also provide expert staff to stay with you throughout the duration of your holiday, a great option for families or for travellers with special needs that would like the security and independence our support provides.”

Ben Wilson, CEO, Medical Travel Companions

The travel nannies are a great addition to any family travel experience. The adults can relax knowing that the kids are in safe hands and have a real holiday! When you’re keen for a grown up night out, you’re free to go without worrying about the hassle of sourcing an unfamiliar babysitter.

Our travel nannies are also a great option when kids need to travel alone as lots of kids are travelling to holiday with grandparents, aunties and uncles while their parents work. We also want to take special care of the kids of separated parents who are often travelling between mum and dad. We know that every year around 50,000 parents separate and we want to make it easy for these families to continue to see each other, and holiday together, however their new family evolves.

“We serve a kaleidoscope of blended families and every holiday we see parents struggling with logistics as they try to safely transport their precious children. They might be going to visit dad and their step siblings or spending the holiday with Granny while their parents work. A companion makes sure that your kid is safe and relaxed as they travel – they’ll even have fun!”

Mark Tarring, CEO, TildaTravel

Our travel companion partner Medical Travel Companions is the world’s leading travel companion support provider, giving expert care and assistance to family travellers including families with young children, people with disabilities, elderly travellers and passengers recovering from injury and surgery.

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